Currenex Viking

FX TradePort Plus™ is an innovative institutional trading platform which links traders to multiple global banks on a superior electronic trading network, providing access to the most competitive prices. Clients will enjoy trading on the charts with this platform's collection of charting tools and access to streaming news.

  • Chart based trading, enabling traders to trade from a range of customizable charts
  • More charting resources, including over 40 technical analysis tools
  • Displays updated P/L information for each position
  • Capability to support multiple languages
  • Live, streaming news
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Currenex Classic

FX TradePort™ is an interbank platform that connects traders to multiple banks simultaneously. All trades placed on FX Tradeport™ are automatically executed, allowing clients to enter and exit the market faster. This platform is geared toward experienced retail and institutional traders and clients can choose from our basic version, FX Tradeport™ Classic, or upgrade to FX Tradeport™ Plus.

  • Account information and rates updated in real-time
  • Automatic execution of trades, allowing for quick market entry and exit
  • Full depth of market, with deep liquidity aggregated from our top bank relationships
  • Sophisticated allocation and reporting features
  • A wide array of order types, including market, immediate or cancel (IOC), or good-til-cancelled (GTC) orders.
  • Tight, variable spreads on the majors, depending on current market volatility
  • Low latency for faster connectivity
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