Founded in 1999 by professional currency traders and software developers, Capital Market Services quickly became an industry leading brokerage firm in the retail over-the-counter Forex market. The firm expanded to the tier two institutional space in 2008 with strategic hires and the creation of a London office. Today, under the branding CapMar Financial, our focus is exclusively in the institutional space with our “prime of prime” and White Label offerings.

In the highly competitive institutional space, we achieve success by giving our clients competitive pricing and execution while not sacrificing the personal service our firm was known for in the retail space.

We achieve these principles by partnering with the largest financial institutions in the market for liquidity. We consistently work with each of our banks to ensure the best possible pricing and execution for our clients, while protecting our liquidity providers from predatory and toxic flow. We also understand each client is unique and requires specific services. From customized reporting solutions to individual resolutions on pricing, swaps, and more, CapMar Financial provides full turnkey solutions for your specific needs.